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20 Truths about Kiba and Kankuro

I found the 20_truths comm on LJ and decided to do one for our boys.

1. Ever since the day he rescued Kiba from a pair of disturbing twins from Otogakure, Kankuro had always wondered how the younger shinobi was. He'd thought Kiba was a bit dim, but brave and loyal. He had accompanied the retrieval squad who brought Kiba back to Konoha.

2. Months later, the sexual fantasies would begin. The heat of the desert would make Kankuro horny, and as he began to masturbate, his head would be filled with images of Kiba naked and sweating in the sand or the grass, begging Kankuro to fuck him.

3. Kiba was unsure how to deal with his feelings for Kankuro. He had had crushes before, on Kurenai and on other girls, but this one was different. He had never been attracted to a man before, but the more time he spent being shadowed by Kankuro, the more he felt drawn to him. He can't put his finger on it – was it Kankuro's strength of character, his sadistic side, his theatrical nature, his strong, heavyset body, his intelligence, his arrogance and contemptuous manner, or his smell? Maybe it was a combination. Even now, Kiba is trying to figure it out, and they've been together for years.

4. Kiba and Kankuro had sex for the first time on Kankuro's last day, after a session in the local onsen where they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Kiba wasn't used to anal sex, and it did hurt a little, but Kankuro knew what he was doing, and made sure not to hurt him, and Kiba found he liked it more than he thought he would. He ended up on top of Kankuro, and his animalistic nature took over, and it was all he could do not to bark and howl when he came.

5. Kankuro has had sex with so many people, he's lost count. He tried sex with women, but hated it. He lost his virginity at twelve. It was a common thing in Suna, kids having sex with each other. There was so little to do in Suna besides training, and kids were forced to grow up even faster than the ones in Konoha. Such is the life of a shinobi, Kankuro thinks. But he had never had a long-term relationship, and he had never loved anyone the way he loves Kiba. Maybe it's because he's an older brother and Kiba brings out that instinct in him, his protectiveness. Kiba is strong, a competent little chuunin, but he has a lot of growing up to do, and Kankuro can't help but want to keep him out of trouble.

6. Kankuro is a grumpy bastard, and although Kiba does his head in at times, he secretly likes Kiba's playfulness. He's a big friendly dog in the body of a human. He even licks Kankuro's face, although luckily, he doesn't sniff Kankuro's crotch anymore. That was just too weird for Kankuro.

7. Kankuro and Kiba once had a threesome with Chouji Akimichi. They knew he was experienced and up for anything, and one night, the three of them went back to the Akimichi compound, had a bit to drink, and then stripped off. Kankuro gagged Chouji and tied his hands with puppet strings, and sat watching, keeping Chouji bound with one hand while Kiba sucked him off and Akamaru, in human shape, fucked him from behind. Kankuro enjoyed being in the role of puppetmaster. Eventually, he couldn't stand to be left out of the fun, so he removed the gag from Chouji's mouth and replaced it with his penis, and Chouji proved that all the legends about the Akimichi giving the best head in Konoha were true. Chouji is married now, to a woman, but remembers that night as being one of the best fucks he's ever had.

8. None of Kiba's friends back in Konoha care that he's gay. Hinata Hyuuga was the first person he told, and she smiled and told him he was not the only one. Chouji, being bisexual himself, was fine with it, as were Lee, Shikamaru and Neji, and even Naruto, although he admits he doesn't understand the attraction of homosexuality.

9. Shino dislikes Kankuro for reasons that go back to Orochimaru's invasion, but Kiba is still his team mate, and Shino wants him to be happy. He also can't admit to Kiba that seeing him with Kankuro is painful because it reminds him of being left out of the mission to retrieve Sasuke, and Shino feels guilty and wishes he could have done more to help.

10. Tsume Inuzuka is ambivalent. She is glad that Kankuro stood up to her and Kuromaru when they tried to intimidate him, but doesn't approve of the fact that Kiba is unable to give her, as she puts it, a 'litter'. However, Hana, who will be the next clan head (for the Inuzuka are the only matriarchal clan in Konoha), has four children, so the Inuzuka head family will not die out. When Tsume heard Kiba was moving to Suna to be with Kankuro, she clawed their faces in rage. Regretting her anger, she went to two men she knew would help her: Kankuro's brother-in-law, Shikamaru Nara, and the second Jounin Commander and her ex-boyfriend, Chouza Akimichi. After hearing her proposal that Kankuro and Kiba be given dual nationality and spend the spring and summer months in Konoha and the rest of the year in Suna, training ninja in those village in their respective skills and acting as liasons between the two, the two men agreed to accompany her to the Hokage. Chouza thought she was 'bloody mad', but he knew Naruto would listen, particularly as the young Kazekage was one of his best friends, and the clan heads are not above exploiting Naruto's kindness when they have to.

11. Naruto agreed, of course. Kankuro had been in Konoha for a few months at the time after being temporarily sacked from his job due to his sexuality, and after appealing and getting it back, he had decided he needed some time away from Suna, and came to Konoha. It took him a while to get used to wearing the uniform as a Konoha jounin, and he still wore a little eyeliner. He shadowed Tenten and Chouji at the Academy, occasionally imparting some of his knowledge to the kids.

12. Kankuro hates kids, but doesn't let that minor fact put him off teaching. He believes mutual respect is enough for him to get by, and he wants to ensure Suna have plenty of capable shinobi ready to take up the reins from him and his generation, and if standing in a classroom telling the little bastards about chakra and the history of Suna and whatnot is a means to that end, then great. He does, however, make an exception for his nieces and nephews. On Kiba's side, there's Hana's four children: Kishu, Shou, Shiba and Akita. On his side, there's Shikamaru and Temari's two children: Takarazuka, a dark, intelligent but lazy little girl and a puppeteer in the making, and Shikane, who takes after his mum in looks and personality, although he has his dad's jutsu. It was Kankuro who chose Takarazuka's name. Kiba, meanwhile, loves children, probably because he's still a big kid himself in some ways.

13. As thanks to Chouza for helping him, Kankuro invited him to be the seventh attendant at his and Kiba's wedding, jointly with Sakura Haruno, the woman who saved his life all those years ago when he had been stabbed and poisoned. Kankuro bears grudges, but he never forgets a kindness. He finds the two Jounin Commanders easy to talk to. Chouza is very forthright and honest, is more vulnerable than he lets on, and his son is a good friend of Kankuro and Kiba; Shikaku Nara has seen it all and takes everything as it comes, has been a wonderful father-in-law to Temari and adores his two grandchildren; and both men can be really fucking funny when they're together. They're always winding each other up. Kankuro doesn't know their team mate, Inoichi Yamanaka, that well though.

14. The other six attendants were Kurenai, Hinata, Hana, Tsume, Temari, and Shikamaru. At weddings in Konoha, seven blessings must be said, each by a different attendant, and it is customary for shinobi to have their parents, sensei and team mates attending upon them. Shino could not attend the wedding, which Kankuro thought was down to him being an arsehole, but he was actually on duty with the ANBU, and when Kiba got home, he found a large basket of his favourite beef jerky, with a note from Shino apologising for not making it.

15. Kiba can't help but be a little scared of Gaara. Old memories die hard, and Akamaru whined and cringed when Kiba moved in with the two brothers and Gaara came to greet them. However, he accepts that Gaara is a different person now, and is grateful to him for agreeing with the whole dual nationality and liaison plan. Gaara isn't much of an animal lover – he prefers plants – but he doesn't mind having a dog in the house, and Akamaru allows him to pet him and take him for walks when Kiba is busy. Gaara has always been fine with having a gay brother, saying that as Kazekage, he has better things to worry about.

16. Kankuro's cooking is a thing of wonder to Kiba, who spent most of his missions eating ready meals or food cooked by his team mates. He likes his meat raw and bloody, and claims he could burn water. Kankuro can make curry, tonkatsu, some weird dip thing out of chick peas that tastes surprisingly pleasant for meatless food, ramen, vegetable soup, grilled fish dishes, potato salad, dumplings, fried steak like Tsume used to make...the list goes on. Kankuro started cooking from an early age; he had Temari had no choice but to fend for themselves, as their mother died in childbirth and their father was absent for long periods of time. Kankuro's self-sufficiency as a young child would put many older kids to shame. The other reason is that Kankuro really, really loves his food. The kitchen in their house always smells of spices and herbs and sticky rice and fruit and chilis, and for Kiba, who lives his life through his nose, it's a wonderful thing to come back to after a long day. Gaara's not a bad cook either.

17. The full moon seems to have a bizarre effect on Kiba. Maybe it awakens some kind of inbred primal instinct within him. When it appears like a great silver lantern in the sky, Kiba becomes feral. He holds Kankuro down and paws and claws at his body, kisses and nips him all over, bends him over and fucks him like a dog, throws back his head and howls, leaves scratch marks on his back. Kankuro likes being manhandled in this way. He can't be expected to be the one taking the lead all the time. Sometimes, though, irrational though it is, he expects Kiba to grow hair all over his body, his fangs and claws to become longer and sharper and draw great rivers of blood.

18. Kankuro would say that Kiba's most annoying habits are his untidiness, his inability to be serious at bad times, the way he scratches his ear with his leg (although he also finds it oddly endearing) his over-willingness to please, his short fuse, his bad habit of sniffing new people or visitors, and his obtuseness. Kiba would say that Kankuro's most annoying habits are his moodswings, his grumpiness in the mornings, his rudeness, his ability to bear grudges for a very long time, his tendency to always see the worst of people, his jealousy that Kiba still has a mother while his is dead, and his tendency to fart in bed and blame it on Akamaru.

19. Kankuro would say that the things he loves most about Kiba are his optimism, the way his ears seem to prick up when he's excited, his affectionate nature, his kindness to animals and children, the way he knows exactly where to kiss Kankuro's neck to make him feel warm and tingly, his sense of spontaneity, and his friendliness. Kiba would say that the things he loves most about Kankuro are his strength of character, his honesty, his skill in making puppets (although he knows well enough not to disturb Kankuro when he's working on them), his undying loyalty and protectiveness towards his brother and sister, his big fleshy body, his smell (most usually, a mixture of sawdust, sweat, varnish, spices and market smells), his sense of humour, and his love of the theatre and the dramatic. He's taken Kiba to a few plays, some of which Kiba found himself enjoying, especially the ones about Kitsune and other cunning wild animals.

20. Kankuro is a changed man. He's still jaded, still cynical, and still has a big brother complex, but it's not just Gaara he wants to protect. Kiba has brought out his kinder side, a side he always wondered if he really had. He's learning to control his temper, to open up more, and he has someone to vent to and confide in, rather than being forced to keep everything to himself. He has someone to come home to, someone who accepts and loves him for who he is, his first serious long-term partner – and it goes both ways, for Kiba has grown up, even if he's still impulsive and hot-tempered. He's a jounin now, and Akamaru's been breeding with bitches in Suna. He's training dogs up for tracking in the desert, and he's accompanied the Puppet Squad on missions. Kankuro wouldn't change him for the world. Although he wishes the damn dogs didn't moult quite so much.
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