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I bring happiness!

Hey... Its been a while! ^^' I tend to forget this comunity since no one post here that much... so yeah, I've got more stuff for you guys!!

First of all, I'm happy to inform you that I've finally put an end to that fanfic of mine, Away from home! The last chapter isn't named "Away from home" but "Going back home" .
Here's a link to the 1st chapter (in case you haven't read it yet)
And here is the last chapter "Going back home"

And since I cannot stop writting that easily, here is my first one shot!
Please, if you read it make sure to leave some comments, either here or on DA!! Comments are what keep me going!!

Other than that, here is a cute drawing I did cause I'm always so damn bored at work, no mather where I'm working...
There's no mature content what so ever so feel free to watch it!

So I think that's it for now!! I am curently working on Kiba costume/drawings/Felicia costume (darkstalkers)/keep my relationship stable/try not to shoot myself in the head/my 3D modeling/keep my place somewhat clean/damn I work too much... so it might take a while before I post here again... I'll try to find some time to show you guys my new stuff when its all done!
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