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New Kankurou/Kiba fan here! I found the comm a while ago and lurked, but now I have some works of my own in the making that I'll share with you all as soon as they're finished. Just wanted to introduce myself before hand :)

This is really nothing special, and nothing like the work I usually do. I was messing around with Paint one day and this is the trouble I got into...It lacks any kind of good-ness, but I wanted to share something on my first post. Kiba's hair was giving me problems, so he took a leaf out of Shikamaru's book and put his hitai-ate on his arm for the day...I found my love for KanKiba when watching the episodes where they were fighting against Sakon and Ukon, and they've been my favorites ever since. I have a couple fics in the works and I'm trying to hone my KanKiba drawing skills, so expect some stuff from me in the future!
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